IMPORTANT: Heal the Child Within Mastery is limited to only 10 people 



Are You Ready to Integrate Your Inner Child and

Make 2022 Your Year?

I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You To Help You Enhance Your Relationships, Mastery Your Health, Expand Your Passions & Grow Your Income In the Next 6 Months and beyond!
Now That You've Completed the Inner Child Journey, It's Time Apply it To Your Life!


Hello Inner Child Warrior! 

You've come so far in this process and now is where we roll up our sleeves and move into embodying the Keys to Mastery:

Presence: The present is the only moment that we have. The past is gone and the future is yet to happen. As a powerful adult you can command presence while maintaining a core connection with your child self. 

Power: As a child we felt powerless, as an adult we are a powerful co-creator here to show up and author our best lives. 

Belief: Our belief is the most powerful determinant in the quality of our life. Literally our thoughts create our reality. Choose powerful thoughts that reflect the truth of who you are and what you want to create in your life. 
Integration: Integrate your child self with your adult self and live a fulfilled masterful life. Continue to discover your happy child while interrupting old patterns that prevent us from fully thriving. 

You didn't come this far to only come this far! I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I DO! Let's do this!
A 6-Month Mastery Experience Where You'll Overcome the Major Blocks that Have Kept You From Breaking Through to Your Fullest Potential!
Have you ever Experienced...

Money Fears

  • Fears around money that keep you paralyzed? 
  • Constantly finding yourself back at square one with money over and over?
  • You can make money but you can't hold onto it?

Health Challenges

  • A deep knowing that your mind and body aren't operating to their fullest potential?
  • Illnesses that you know aren't yours, but instead passed down generationally?
  • Blocked energy in certain regions in your body that won't go away?

Career Frustrations

  • Having so much talent, but you can't seem to grow your passions into a viable career? 
  • Uncertainty over how to advance your career?
  • A desire for more than what you've settled for?

Relationship Disconnection

  • Attracting the same person over and over again in your life?
  • Not being as close to your spouse as you'd like to be?
  • Inability to maintain healthy relationships with your kids, family, and/or friends?
It's time to Break those patterns for good!
Imagine a life...
Where Your Adult Self is Now Driving the Bus!


Identify your fears around money and understand which part of you is making financial decisions 


Master the adult you in all of your business and career decisions. Allow your inner child to find joy and purpose as you make your career your passion 

Relationship MASTERY!

Master how your adult self shows up in all of your relationships and no longer relies on two person themes to survive


Break free from unhealthy generational themes on your timeline and learn to sustain a wellbeing constancy


So You Can Learn To Thrive Today and Forever!

Learn how to master breathing in every situation to immediately take you out of "Fragmentation" 

Be held accountable as your move through your life navigating triggers in your relationships, finances, health and business

Recognize and resolve unhealthy patterns in real time

Resolve old generational traumas the are keeping you stuck

Dissolve addictive behaviors and vices 

Work with me one-on-one to address your personal roadblocks 

And So Much More!

Let's Take  A Look Inside!

1 Year of Group Coaching and Experiential Work

Throughout this time we spend together, we will dive deep into the 4 Pillars of Mastery and together we will learn the most effective methods for breaking free from interruptions on our timelines as we integrate our child self with our adult self. 

Two Private Coaching Sessions with Noah 

As the program gets underway, you may experience the need to do some work around your own individual blocks. Noah opens up his schedule for private sessions to assist everyone in moving forward. 

Private Member's Portal with Recordings and Curriculum 

In MASTERY it's vital to keep all lessons organized and readily available to refer to both during, after and beyond each module. Similar to Heal the Child Within, MASTERY also has its own portal with lessons and recordings to keep you on track!

Integration Within All 4 Pillars of MASTERY

Integration is raising up your child self into your powerful and connected adult self! Getting familiar with the events on our timeline opened us up to a new awareness of who we are, why we operate the way we do, and now our next steps are to focus on Mastering our HEALTH, CAREER, MONEY and RELATIONSHIPS. 

Private MASTERY Facebook Group 

As a method for deepening our sense of community and connection along with realtime support, we've created a MASTERY Facebook Group solely for the work we will do together in this program. Staying connected throughout the week is a very impactful part of this process. 

Breathwork MASTERY

Learn how to MASTER additional breathing techniques for potentially every situation to immediately take you out of "Fragmentation" and into power and presence. In Inner Child Work, Breathwork is Life Work. 

Group Coaching and Real Time Feedback 

As you are doing "the work" you will have questions that pertain to your own personal timeline. We make time in each class to address those questions LIVE. If you miss a class or something comes up during the week that you require support with, you can ask within our Private Facebook Group. 


Segment One: We dive deep into what we took out of the Heal the Child Within Program and our core focus in MASTERY. We spend time understanding the pathway of inner child integration and what that means day-to-day in raising up your child self into your powerful and connected adult self. While looking back on the timeline, we also look forward to our future timeline and set goals that enable us to create a new true story!
Segment Two:  HEALTH MASTERY is the foundation of ALL wellbeing. In this segment, we begin freeing ourselves from long-held generational patterns. What is showing up in your health, related to living in agency or which area you need more self-agency in and what illnesses are connected to which parts of your body? Our core focus in HEALTHY MASTERY is the body, chakras, aliveness, trauma, dis-ease, and agency. 
Segment Three:  In RELATIONSHIP MASTERY we focus on one person themes, driving motivations, vices, numbing, and the role the unhealed inner child plays out in every relationship we ever have. What is still showing up in your relationship with yourself and others that is connected to your basic fault and story of the past? What is your predominant survival style that you use to protect yourself from either inundation or abandonment? Our core focus in RELATIONSHIP MASTERY is past imprints, abandonment, loss, inundation, survival styles, agency, and authentic love. 
Segment Four:  MONEY MASTERY is about understanding and healing the roots of money fears and understanding which part of you is making financial decisions. What is showing up in your financial life that is getting in the way of total abundance? All money issues are about self-worth and self-love. What generational themes are there related to money, and how might scarcity be showing up in your life? Mastering your money story will impact every decision you make towards your future from this day forward. Our core focus in MONEY MASTERY is generational themes, self-love, worthiness, trust, safety, and security. 
Segment Five:  CAREER MASTERY and LIVING OUR PASSIONS. Identify what's stopping you from showing up and living a passion-filled professional life. Where did you learn to abandon your passion, bliss, or purpose in the 7-year cycles? Pinpoint the generational themes that have kept you stuck or have robbed you from living on purpose so that you can live your BLISS. Our core focus in CAREER MASTERY is passion, doing what you love, taking risks, being in your voice, playing, and purpose. 
Segment Six:  Showing up in the world at a MASTERY LEVEL and what that looks like after our child selves are fully integrated. Declare and script our New True Stories and create your Personal Passion Project around your New Purpose! In this segment we will better understand the process of being a powerful co-creator in life. Learn spiritual principles and practices. 



When does Mastery begin?
The official program begins January 2022, on Thursday evenings, however we will be working on pre-course work in advance.

What if I miss a week?
No problem! All live sessions are recorded and you can receive support from Noah in the Facebook group.

Can I do this program at my own pace?
Most certainly! We recommend staying with the pace of the group so you can receive support and accountability in real-time, but if it works better for you to do in your time, that's great too!

Do you offer refunds if I decide not to stay in the program?
No. All benefits begin as soon as you enroll in the program. Embarking on this journey requires dedication and fortitude to see this process through. 

Is this therapy?
No. This is a total immersion coaching process. Coaching is for individuals who are mentally healthy and fully functioning. It’s not focused on pathologizing, but instead is designed to increase your level of performance through goal-setting and problem-solving. Coaching, while grounded in evidence-based psychology and human behavior methods is more focused on helping you optimize your potential by identifying blind spots, filling skill gaps, and moving past internal or external roadblocks. Noah is no longer taking private clients within his therapy practice. 

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